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Coffee Culture: A Tale of Vietnam

By :Justin Fulcher 0 comments
Coffee Culture: A Tale of Vietnam

The average person in the USA drinks 2.7 cups of coffee per day. Traditionally coffee has done the all-important duty of fueling us as we try to navigate our way through a day at the office or school. Over time, however, coffee has taken on a new role as an item that does much more than get us through the day. United States has now evolved to become the largest consumer market for coffee hence, coffee is ideally known as a luxury product for many. This is the reason why coffee shops tend to come up with the latest variety of new flavors that can be thoroughly enjoyed by the consumers. The result of this popularity has been the establishment of over 30000 coffee shops in the United States. As exciting as it sounds is that every major coffee shop brings its own eccentric culture in the United States which not only attracts more consumers but the cafe also stands out in its own way. Let us go into more details of  the coffee culture at some of the major venues in the United States and how it is about to change courtesy of Vietnam.

New York City Coffee

We all know that New York is known as one of the busiest city in the world and surprisingly its also known as an equally busy coffee culture. The coffee scene in New York is unique in a wide variety of ways. The coffee in New York is more focused on sophisticated coffee rather than quick to-go coffee. This emphasis has led to coffee shops with a minimalist look. One of the key reasons that makes New York coffee so unique and different is the fact that these cafes have adapted to the use of oat milk instead of nuts milk. Oat milk offers a higher protein and fiber count as well as a reduced reliance on water. As most of the cafes started to use oats milk this change immensely took the brand Oatley by surprise. So much so that the business has periodically reported a shortage of supply. Additionally, another trend most popular in New York than anywhere else is the cold brewing method they use to make their coffee. This method's product is the sparkling Caracas drink that is made from the cherry of the coffee bean. This sort of innovation is what sets New York apart from its competitors.

Concept Cafes in Portland

Another great locale for coffee in Portland. Most people familiar with the city of Portland know it for its basketball team the Portland Trailblazers but the city has a thriving coffee scene as well. Portland's coffee culture is totally different, they have set up various concept cafes all across the city. Take, for example, Portland's only Egyptian coffee house, Tov, which is the only coffee house built in a vintage double-decker bus. Customers entering the coffee house are greeted with a purple interior where Joe Nazir, the owner, is brewing thick pots of coffee for his customers. 

The Vietnamese Tale

Nobody can deny the fact that every coffee hub has its own distinctive characteristics which makes it unique in its own way. However, in the last year or so, one trend has successfully pervaded coffee culture in the United States and is now solidifying its position in the United States coffee culture. This trend is that of Vietnamese coffee. With the passage of time many brewers have come to the realization of the potential of Vietnamese coffee and are now including it into their menus. Many Cafés are also experimenting with different flavors of Vietnamese coffee and how it can pair with the traditional flavors to create even more new and exciting combinations. This upward trajectory is sure to continue and the position of Vietnamese coffee is only going to grow stronger.

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