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Coffee Trends

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Coffee Trends

The average person in the United States drinks almost 3 cups of coffee per day. In the recent 5 years, the number of Americans drinking a cup of coffee has increased to about 5-6%. According to a few initial reports, it is stated that a lot of Americans have started drinking more coffee than usual, especially in the pandemic. Also, many of the Americans are now preferring to consume iced coffee or espresso based beverages. Coffee has a vital role in our everyday lives as it helps us get through a tough day at work or college, it has now been considered as a luxury product for many. Hence, this might be one of the reasons why USA has become one of the largest consumers market for coffee. It is said to have that there are plenty coffee shops across the United States with a wide variety of coffee blends, grounds, capsules and flavors. It gives a chance to all these caffeine lovers to choose from this vast range of flavors. The coffee market is also divided up into growers, retailers and coffee roasters. However, some of the major coffee producers are found in Vietnam, Brazil, Indonesia, Columbia, Mexico, etc. Let us dive into more details of the coffee culture in the United States.

Coffee Culture in New York City

As we all are aware of the fact that New York is known as one of the busiest cities in the world and there is also a famous saying that it’s a city that basically never sleeps. Well, to our surprise this city also has a very busy coffee culture, probably because it has a more coffee-centric population. Nearly half of these caffeine addicts prefer buying coffee at a drive-through, whereas, the rest prefer ordering it through a coffee app or basically just go to some nice cafe to relax them and have a chit chat with their friends. This emphasis has led to coffee shops to create a minimalist look. Moreover, New York is and has always been a hub city for coffee lovers, for example as shown in a very famous show "FRIENDS", we all saw that how those five friends used to hang out at a coffee shop after their tiring day at work or in the office breaks. This shows how Americans are coffee lovers.

Evolving Coffee Trends 

As the number of coffee consumers is increasing with each passing day, every connoisseur wants to come up with a new innovative idea as to what new flavor or new process of coffee they should bring in the market to attract more customers. However, other than the taste or flavor, many people now look for other things when buying a coffee brand, these coffee drinkers now focus more on the fact if the brand they are purchasing is good for the environment or if there is some kind of benefit for the coffee farmers that are producing the beans. So, the brands and retailers have to make sure if there is zero transparency in the marketing strategies for showing the general public. With all kinds of new innovations in the coffee trends, many of these people prefer drinking the Gourmet Blend rather than the regular coffee, the other people prefer coffee with sweetened condensed milk which is also quite famous in Vietnam. The reason why this country is so different from the rest of the world is because retailers have so much variety to offer to the consumers in coffee market hence, this is what sets US apart from its competitors.

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