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Phin: The Hero Behind the Scenes of Vietnamese Coffee

By :Justin Fulcher 0 comments
Phin: The Hero Behind the Scenes of Vietnamese Coffee

Vietnamese coffee has always been known as eccentric compared with other coffees found anywhere across the world. Now, there are countless reasons as to why Vietnamese coffee is considered to be the specialty that it is, and why people held it in such a high regard across the globe.Some of these factors are that the beans which are used to brew the coffee, the ingredients and the material utilized to brew Vietnamese coffee. This coffee is brewed using a filter that is entirely different from the traditional variety. This unique filter goes by the name of Phin. Its structure is markedly different from its counterparts, and it is a vital cog in the Vietnamese coffee production process.

If you ask any coffee brewer in Vietnam, they will describe the Phin as a mix between a pour-over and a French press. The Phin consists of a perforated plate that is fitted over a coffee mug. This brewing chamber sits atop a plate that is used to compress and trample the grounds. A cap is additionally used to ensure that heat does not escape the chamber. The grounds are compressed until they are about the size of table salt at which point hot water is added to the mix, and the coffee begins to slowly drip out of the filter until the cup is full.

Most café’s in Vietnam use the 4-ounce Phin, but there is also the 8 and 40-ounce variant depending on the needs of the brewer. There are two varieties to the instrument. One of them is known to come with a gravity filter which works with an easy press mechanism however, the other one is known to be a screw filter which helps to manage to compress the coffee with its screw mechanism.

The result of using such a unique instrument in the brewing process is a coffee that has a unique flavor profile that is found nowhere else in the world. The secret behind this unique coffee taste is the slow brewing process which is only possible if you are using a Phin filter. This brewing process may take up some time as the filter extract as much flavor out of the beans as possible and it gives the best of results in a product which happens to be rich in caffeine. The rich flavor and the strong exotic aroma of this coffee is what makes possible the vast variety range of coffee available in Vietnam. All this is only made possible by the rather slow but diligent working of the Phin. The Phin may work slowly but the final result is always known to be outstanding. Many coffees enthusiasts report that this feature of the Phin is a refreshing change from the usual pace that traditional brewing instruments follow.

Vietnamese coffee is unique in every sense of the word, from the bean used in the process to the process itself. As an instrument, the Phin is as potent as the coffee it produces, but it has failed to receive the recognition it deserves. However, Vietnamese coffee has long been wrongly devised as inferior because of the nature of the bean it utilizes. The Phin's reputation as a scarcely used brewer has been a by-product of this. The fact of the matter is that the Phin is anything but a lesser known tool and it deserves to be recognised as to for what it is. This brewer has been underrated for quite a long time, but it clearly has the potential to create a scrumptious, excellent coffee. 

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