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The Curse of Commercializing Coffee: Tale of Vietnamese Coffee

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The Curse of Commercializing Coffee: Tale of Vietnamese Coffee

Vietnamese coffee is one of the most delicious beverages found anywhere in the world. It has a strong exotic flavor with an exceptional aroma and this beverage can be paired up with a wide variety of things ranging from coconut milk to yogurt and egg yolks. Despite the strong flavor profile that Vietnamese coffee offers its fans, the drink has relatively little to no recognition outside of Vietnam's rich coffee culture. The main culprit behind Vietnamese coffee's lack of success has been mass scale commercial coffee, and it has damaged the reputation of Vietnamese coffee in more than one way.

The Damage Done to Vietnamese Coffee

The true potential of Vietnamese coffee shines when the coffee beans have been roasted properly and with the proper ingredients. In addition to this, the coffee must be properly brewed through the unique Phin filter. Phin filters also come in a wide variety range and the consumers can choose between the Phin filters. In the now on-going third wave of coffee, more emphasis is placed on tracing the bean's journey to coffee. Despite this mass scale, coffee retailers have managed to skirt under the radar to successfully sell Vietnamese while at the same time offering little to no transparency on the process of how the beans are properly roasted or how efficiently the coffee is brewed. This has enabled these mass producers to produce extremely cheap coffee that has in no way been roasted properly. The end-product reaching the consumer is a coffee that has not gone through the proper processes and is an inferior product in every sense of the word. Because the consumers have little to no idea  as to what actually happens to these beans from the moment they were farmed or to the time when coffee is arrived at their doorstep, its totally natural that they assume the Vietnamese coffee is of a lesser quality and deserves little to no recognition in the world of specialty coffee.

Furthermore, another way mass-scale commercial coffee has damaged Vietnamese coffee's reputation is in the way retailers have marketed the product. Many coffee retailers state that it as a coffee which is quick and easy to brew, more specifically like an instant coffee which contains an extremely strong flavor and is only great for getting you through a tough day at the office or school. This practice, repeated constantly, has successfully managed to create the impression in front of the consumers that this is what Vietnamese coffee is all about; good for and offers little to no utility in the world of specialty coffee. Marketing is vital for any product; even if the product is above its competitors, unless it has a good marketing strategy that is being presented to the general public, the product will rarely live up to its true potential. This is precisely the fate that has been suffered by Vietnamese coffee.

Genuine Saigon Coffee

In the last few years, Vietnamese coffee has begun to reach its true potential, but there is still much work to be done. On important thing that the informed coffee lover can do is make sure that the coffee he/she is purchasing has been processed through the proper channels and is indicative of the true quality of the bean used to make the coffee. One brand that ensures its coffee is sourced and processed effectively is Genuine Saigon Coffee (GSC). GSC imports it's coffee straight from Vietnam's highlands where the beans are farmed and processed through the proper channels. The blends being offered by GSC are guaranteed to give its customers the authentic Vietnamese Coffee experience which would want the customers to have more of these products. 

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