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The Rich Culture of Specialty Coffee in Vietnam

By :Justin Fulcher 0 comments
The Rich Culture of Specialty Coffee in Vietnam

Many people think that the Robusta bean cultivated in Vietnam is responsible for the robust coffee being produced across the world. But, what many people seem to glance over unjustifiable is the rich coffee culture based in Vietnam. Vietnam is home to many specialty coffee cafes that serve delicious coffee in every corner of the country. The unique feature of Vietnamese coffee culture lies truly in its diversity, specially regarding the vast variety of specialty coffee. Vietnam has a rich selection of specialty coffee that will give the drinker a whole new coffee experience.

Egg Coffee:

Perhaps the most famous specialty coffee made in Vietnam is the egg coffee. When most people think about the specialty of coffee, they never associate or even think about the word egg with it, but these elements have come together to form a special coffee treat. The recipe for egg coffee is relatively simple. Egg yolk is added to sweetened condensed milk, and the mixture is beaten for 10 minutes to create a creamy fluff like mixture. This mixture is then slowly added to a traditional espresso to make the coffee. Vietnamese use the famous Robusta bean in their coffee,  while the base espresso has a rich and strong kick to it, which creates a perfectly match with the egg and later a milk mixture is added to it. Egg coffee is sold in street cafes all over Vietnam. It is also in its initial stages of success in the international stage, with many gourmet coffee connoisseurs in North America are beginning to realize just how unique and different this coffee is with those of the rest.

Yogurt Coffee:

Much like egg coffee, yogurt is another ingredient that most people don’t expect to find in their coffee, but that has not stopped the coffee enthusiast in Vietnam from experimenting with their coffee. The recipe for yogurt coffee is the same as to the egg coffee. The only difference is that sweetened condensed milk is already added to the espresso, and yogurt is simply slowly added and mixed with the espresso to produce Vietnamese egg coffee. The coffee's potency is blended perfectly by the creamy, rich flavor of the yogurt and these factors working together give a pleasant taste as to a chocolate-like essence. It creates an exotic taste which is surely a treat for your taste buds. This coffee is perfect  for your daily caffeine fix.

Coconut Coffee:

Another delight from the Vietnamese coffee culture is coconut coffee. This concoction is one of the various fruity coffees available in Vietnam. In recent times the coconut coffee has become a favorite of the Vietnamese youth, and it seems that the trend is sure to continue. Coconut is my adding sweetened condensed milk to black coffee and then adding coconut milk into the mixture along with ice. This mixture is then blended into a type of shake. The coconut coffee gives its fan their daily dose of caffeine as well as the vitamin-filled nutritional benefits of coconut milk.

These are some of the most famous specialty coffee varieties that are available across cafes in Vietnam today. Vietnamese brewers are constantly striving to look for innovative ideas and are surely not shy to try unconventional ingredients with coffee, just like the egg and yogurt coffee. All these flavors are made possible by the excellent coffee produced and roasted in Vietnam. The Strong nature of the coffee made by these beans allows for a high degree of experimentation. Coffee Culture has grown exponentially in recent times, and the trend is sure to continue.

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