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The Robusta Bean: A Misunderstood Delight

By :Justin Fulcher 0 comments
The Robusta Bean: A Misunderstood Delight

Vietnam is known to be a home to an intense, rich coffee culture due to which  the country is famous throughout the world. Scattered across the country are hundreds of coffee cafes that serve locals and foreigners alike. The question then arises. What is so unique to the coffee in Vietnam that it has made the country one of the world's most famous coffee destinations? The answer lies with the bean that is primarily used in the Vietnamese coffee, and that is the Robusta bean.

The Misconception:

The Robusta bean is the premier crop grown in Vietnam and has unique properties that set it apart from its arabica counterpart. The Robusta bean has a powerful flavor and is said to have more than two times the caffeine content than an Arabica bean. Many connoisseurs the world over have wrongly considered the bean to be of an inferior variety. Due to this very reason, the  Robusta bean has been degraded to the use in commercial bulk sector, where its reputation has been greatly affected. What comes as a shock and is pretty much saddening that the farmers who had been laboring day and night constantly to produce these beans have not presented their due credit. According to reports, only two Vietnamese brands based in Vietnam sell Vietnamese coffee, but both of these brands have retailed it as commercial coffee, which only proves that the myth regarding the Robusta bean is being an inferior quality product is true. However lately, it seems that gourmet coffee connoisseurs across the world are beginning to realize the importance of Robusta bean for what it truly is. The way forward.

The Bean of the Future:

The Robusta bean holds a lot of great properties that make it stand out of the rest making it the ideal candidate for the coffee bean of the future. The Robusta bean's strong caffeine nature is what has allowed the Vietnamese to experiment greatly with their coffee flavors. An example is that of salt coffee. Salt and coffee are two items that no one expects to see in the same concoction, and yet the Vietnamese have come up with a coffee that uses the salt's flavor to bring out the sweetness of the coffee. A key factor contributing to this harmony is the Robusta beans bitterness and how it works well with the salt and sugar. Another delicacy that is beginning to gain more fame in the world is egg coffee. In this mixture they use whisked eggs and then add black coffee, which makes for quite a rich flavor of coffee. Another reason why the bean seems to receive a bad reputation is the roasting process. Roasting these beans properly can take a tremendously long period of time and requires great care and delicacy. The wholesalers selling Robusta coffee do not have any transparent roasting method,  the low quality coffee they tend to produce is proof of an unsuitable roasting method. When the process is done correctly with the right mix of ingredients, the end product is a bean with a rich flavor profile. Additionally, there are also economic benefits to favoring the Robusta bean. The naturally high caffeine content of this bean gives it natural protection against pests and bugs, making it easier to grow compared to its arabica counterpart. Additionally, at the moment, the bean is cheaper than Arabica and, if roasted properly, is much more than just second-grade substitute to Arabica Coffee.

The world of coffee connoisseurs have neglected the Robusta bean for quite some time now and are beginning to realize the potential of this Vietnamese delight. Going forward, the Robusta bean is only going to grow in popularity, and it won't be long before we think of Robusta coffee as a household name.

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