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The Third Wave: Vietnamese Coffee’s Salvation

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The Third Wave: Vietnamese Coffee’s Salvation

For a very long time, Vietnamese coffee has lived in the shadows, and the coffee has experienced little to no renown in the world of coffee. As of late, however, the dim status that Vietnamese coffee has had in days past has started to wane, and more and more people are beginning to realize just how special Vietnamese coffee is. Many reasons have significantly contributed to the rise of Vietnamese coffee. Still, perhaps the most important factor contributing to this is what is known as the third wave of coffee and the elements it chooses to focus on.

Vietnamese coffee is known to most as commercial-grade coffee that fails to deliver in terms of flavor but can be effective for a caffeine fix. As such Vietnamese coffee has been relegated to the role of instant coffee, and much of this has to do with the first and second wave of coffee where any discussion in the world regarding coffee revolved around the topic of instant coffee, and no emphasis was placed on the artisanal potential of coffee. All this began to change with the third wave of coffee, and this is precisely where Vietnamese coffee began to receive the recognition it so rightly deservers.

The third wave of coffee is essentially a shift in focus from the concept that the only redeeming quality that coffee has is that it gives you a quick caffeine fix. More and more roasters around the world began to understand the artisanal potential of coffee and the many wonderful and delicious that were possible with different blends of coffee. Along with an emphasis on specialty coffee, consumers and producers now began to place a greater emphasis on how the beans used in their blends were sourced. Understanding the journey from bean to coffee became of importance to them. The emphasis on specialty coffee as well as on the journey from bean to coffee is what set the stage for Vietnamese coffee to finally get the recognition it deserves

Owing largely to the efforts of commercial coffee, consumers had no idea how proper Vietnamese was made and whether the beans were even being roasted properly. This led many to blindly accept the notion that all Vietnamese coffee is good for is instant commercial-scale coffee. With the third wave of coffee, consumers and produce alike began to question the origin of this coffee and quickly realized that commercial coffee had barely scratched the surface of what Vietnamese beans had to offer. More and more roasters began to understand the sheer variety of high-quality coffee that was made possible by Vietnamese beans if they went through the proper preparation. An ancillary benefit of the third wave has been the recognition that Vietnamese coffee bean farmers are finally receiving for their hard work. Their produce has finally begun to receive the recognition it deserves.

Because Vietnamese coffee is new to the world of coffee, it can be hard to distinguish between the brands passing commercial coffee as specialty coffee and authentic Vietnamese specialty coffee brands. This is where Genuine Saigon Coffee makes life easier for its customers. GSC sources it beans directly from the rich farmlands of Vietnam and ensures that the beans are processed properly before they find their way to the customer, thus ensuring a high-quality product that captures Vietnamese coffee's true essence. This emphasis on the bean's journey is exactly what the third wave stresses upon, and GSC understands that.

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