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Vietnamese Coffee: Know your Beans

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Vietnamese Coffee: Know your Beans

Vietnamese coffee culture has had a rich history, and coffee brewers are continuously looking to improve their current brews and innovate new ones. The beans farmed and produced in Vietnam are some of the best beans produced anywhere in the world. Vietnam has such a rich production system of coffee beans that it accounts for 30 percent of the world's production of coffee beans. The country is primarily responsible for the production of the Robusta bean, which is exclusive to the world of Vietnamese coffee. This is not to say that Vietnamese farmers only produce Robusta beans. Almost 20 percent of the production in Vietnam is dedicated to the world-famous arabica bean. These two beans are quite different in their nature and require altogether different methods of grinding and brewing.

The arabica is the sweeter bean of the two and is used the world over in both instant as well as specialty coffee. The arabica can be prepared in a variety of ways, and the size of the ground differs depending on which instrument is used to brew the coffee. For example, in the case of a French press, the bean should be of coarse texture, and if a drip filter is to be used, then it is better to have a medium sized ground. The size of the ground is immense as it will determine how much flavor the brewer is able to extract out of the bean. Provided the bean has been ground correctly, it can then be used to make a whole variety of coffee such as iced coffee, espressos, and many other forms of specialty drinks that are enjoyed the world over.

The Robusta bean, on the other hand, is the exact counterpart of its arabica counterpart and is of a more bitter nature. The coffee in the case of the Phin, a fine texture, serves the brewer best, whereas in the case of the drip filter, it is better to have a medium sized ground. The coffee made from this bean is usually used in the production of a whole variety of specialty coffees. The beans potent qualities make possible the production of unique coffees such as the egg coffee as well as the yogurt coffee. In any iteration of Robusta, it is recommended that sweetened condensed milk is used in the brewing process as that helps to offset the strong nature of the bean and provide for a balanced flavor.

One would expect that because of their differing natures, there is no way the two beans could co-exist in a single blend, but such is not the case. It is the polarly opposing nature of the beans that make them an excellent combination. There are a variety of blends that combine the two beans in a variety of ways according to the preference of the customer. One brand that offers these unique blends in Genuine Saigon Coffee. GSC has a rich selection of coffee blends that feature different combinations of both the arabica and the robusta bean. The company sources its beans directly from the farmlands of Vietnam and make sure to process each bean in the most optimal way so that the customer is able to taste the  best of both worlds.

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