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Vietnamese Coffee: Roasted to Perfection

By :Justin Fulcher 0 comments
Vietnamese Coffee: Roasted to Perfection

Vietnamese coffee has historically experienced a bad reputation in the luxury coffee arena. The reason for this evaluation is a complete misconception as to what goes into what we describe as original Vietnamese coffee. Unless these retailers show as to how the Robusta bean is processed using the proper strategy and arrangements, there may never be an original Vietnamese coffee. This brings us to the roast. Unless a bean has been roasted thoroughly and properly, there might be little to zero chance of the coffee capturing the bean's right essence.

The Injustice against Vietnamese Coffee

Traditionally speaking, Vietnamese coffee has been sold commercially in bulk. The issue with the roasting method used in these coffees is that the process is not transparent. Consumers have no clue as to how the beans in the coffee have been roasted, and this presents a serious problem. These customers build their impressions from this bulk coffee, and consequently, Vietnamese coffee has suffered a negative reputation for the longest time. Vietnamese Robusta beans require a very delicate roasting process, and it is clear that the coffee delivered in bulk has not had this treatment.

The Secret behind the Roast

The very thing that makes the Robusta bean special is its strong caffeine content and the method used to roast it. The beans are naturally very sour to taste and have a very less amount of sugar in them. To counter the nature of these bean roasters, one should use the right amount of use sugar and butter in its roasting process. Now this is an very important small detail as it provides the beans with a more depth in terms of flavors and aroma. Occasionally clarified butter is used as a substitute for oil, and it is often mixed with vegetable oil to facilitate the roasting process. This roasting process may be a little more time consuming as it helps in enhancing the beans a very deep and rich flavor profile. These coffee beans are usually over-roasted as the Vietnamese prefer a stronger coffee rather than the regular ones. The slow roast also explains the low water content that properly roasted Robusta beans have, resulting in a much thicker texture of coffee. Due to the stronger taste of the bean it means that mostly all brewers preparing Vietnamese coffee make use of sweet condensed milk to balance the flavor of the coffee.

The Way Forward

Vietnamese coffee is beginning to catch on in the United States, and many coffee enthusiasts are beginning to understand that there is more to Vietnamese coffee than meets the eye. By reducing it only for the commercialized use, it only shows a misleading picture of what Vietnamese coffee actually is but is also pretty much unfair to all the hardworking farmers in Vietnam who work everyday  to grow these beans. Luxury Coffee connoisseurs who had long since relegated Vietnamese coffee to the role of second rate coffee are also beginning to see the error of their ways, and this is reflected in the rising popularity of Vietnamese based coffee enterprises such as Trung Nguyen supply. Much of Vietnamese coffee's recent fame is because various coffee brewers are beginning to understand the intricacies that go into making authentic Vietnamese coffee. Among these intricacies is the roasting method used to roast the beans, which makes for a very rich cup of coffee.

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