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Vietnamese Ice Coffee: A Chilling Delight

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Vietnamese Ice Coffee: A Chilling Delight

Vietnamese coffee has slowly but surely been making ground in the world of specialty coffee, and more and more people are now beginning to understand the potential that resides in a well-brewed cup of Vietnamese coffee. Nowadays, people are beginning to explore into the many wide varieties of coffee that can be made with  Vietnamese blend and one particular sort of Vietnamese coffee that has managed to grab the attention of craft coffee makers the world over is Vietnamese Iced Coffee.

Vietnamese Iced coffee is a traditional drink that is made possible by the strong nature of the Robusta bean and is enjoyed across Vietnam. The coffee has made such a name for itself that many craft coffee houses are now coming up with their iterations. Vietnamese have a rather rich range of coffee drinks found all over the country but no  such drink is consumed more in Vietnam than  their very famous Vietnamese Iced coffee. This sweet, strong coffee drink will definitely play with your taste buds, maybe this is the reason why it has a reputation as the most frequently enjoyed coffee drink in Vietnam.

The procedure used to make this coffee is distinct and is described unique as the coffee it produces. A very famous Phin filter is used to brew this coffee that provides an exquisite taste. Coffee grounds and loaded onto the filter, and hot water is poured into the filter. When the coffee is brewed, they add loads of ice and sweetened condensed milk for a balanced flavor. The combination of sweet condensed milk with the Robusta bean's strong caffeinated nature gives this coffee an exceptionally unique flavor. While this is known to be the traditional method of brewing this coffee works fine, there are  also other non-traditional methods that are able to make a good quality cup of iced coffee just like the traditional one. The most beautiful thing about this yummy cup of coffee is that it is super easy and convenient to make. The best part is that the process which is used to brew this coffee allows the brewer to make  the adjustments accordingly to the consumer's taste preferences. Having such a versatile coffee that one can make and enjoy on the go is truly one of the things that make this coffee one of the most unique coffees out there.

The iced coffee is a delicious, easy to make drink that can be made and enjoyed by anyone with ease. However, one thing that must be considered with this coffee is the coffee bean used to brew this wondrous coffee. The strong exceptional taste of the bean mixed with the ice cold sweet condensed milk gives this coffee the perfect flavor. Getting the perfect blend for this coffee is critical, this is where consumers want a brand who they can  completely trust to deliver this blend. This is where Genuine Saigon Coffee steps in to provide its  customers with the best of products. GSC offers the best blends made from the high-quality beans farmed directly from the rich lands located in Vietnam and processed under the best arrangements. These blends come in different varieties, and all of these blends are guaranteed to give the customer the best possible cup of Vietnamese iced coffee available on the market.

Vietnamese Iced coffee is one of the main delicacies that Vietnamese coffee culture has to offer and is one of the main reasons why Vietnamese coffee is finding its way onto the global coffee scene.

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