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Cafe Runam 100% Robusta Blend

$180.00 $160.00

This coffee is 100% Robusta blend. These coffee beans are rich in flavor, stronger in taste-this is truly the perfect blend for all the caffeine addicts. This coffee features a strong taste that is highly preferred. Tasting note describes this coffee as the perfect blend, with richness in taste.

Brand: Café Runam

Origin: 100% Robusta coffee grown in Vietnam

Coffee Type: Ground Coffee

Container: Bag

Size: 250 grams

Ingredients: 100% premium Robusta coffee grown, picked, & graded to our standards


The brand is from Café Runam, originating from Vietnam. The coffee type is Ground Coffee, and the container is a bag with 250-gram worth of coffee. Ingredients are 100% premium Robusta coffee grown, picked, & graded to our standards. The Robusta bean is the premier crop grown in Vietnam and has unique properties that set it apart from its arabica counterpart. The Robusta bean has a powerful flavor and is said to have more than two times the caffeine content of an Arabica bean.

The Robusta bean holds a lot of great properties that make it stand out from the rest making it the ideal candidate for the coffee bean of the future. The Robusta bean's strong caffeine nature is what has allowed the Vietnamese to experiment greatly with their coffee flavors. An example is that of salt coffee. Salt and coffee are two items that no one expects to see in the same concoction, and yet the Vietnamese have come up with a coffee that uses the salt's flavor to bring out the sweetness of the coffee.

A key factor contributing to this harmony is the Robusta beans bitterness and how it works well with the salt and sugar. Another delicacy that is beginning to gain more fame in the world is egg coffee. In this mixture, they use whisked eggs and then add black coffee, which makes for quite a rich flavor of the coffee.